Sunday, March 30, 2008

Massive update part 2

The next part of the massive update brings us to the fabulously beautiful blanket that the BobaKnitters made for my gestating offspring.

Abigail blogged about it here, with a complete list of everyone who helped. It was a total suprise to me! It has another row of blocks that are hiding behind the couch, but I photographed it as it is in our house, waiting for the baby to arrive. I can't even tell you how amazing it is! Thanks ladies!

On a much more domestic note, I'm very excited to have added a line of elastic to the top edge of my water bottle cozy. My bottle has been naked since it's original drawstring felted itself into a knot, but now my bottle is dressed again. :)

Next up, newly on the needles is a summer Clapotis for me. My other Clapotis is Noro Silk Garden, so there is a limit to how much I wear it, based on the seasons. This one is in cotton, apparently. Sandi at Purlescence recieved a whole load of cotton yarns from a friend, and when I was at the store shopping for my birthday, I asked about this enourmous yarn cake that was near the swift. Sandi told me its story, then offered for me to take it if I knew of something I wanted to knit out of it. So it's becoming a Clapotis! You can't really tell from the picture the size of the ball, but it's about 400g of cotton. The ball is 16.75" in circumference, and the needles shown are 24" size 7s.

Last up for tonight's update is my newest knitting tool, a fabulous drying rack from Ikea. Eric thinks I'm nuts, but look at it!

Four levels of flat drying rack space! !!! :)


And it folds up so that it's flat. It's about 5'x2'x2' when totally set up, but it folds down to 5'x2'x2". I'm so excited! It comes at a particularly good time, because our old wooden drying rack had become wobbly, and with the new baby I'll have plenty to hang on it. I've got a dozen woolies lanolinizing right at the moment, and I'm totally excited to put them on the new rack to dry. It also stands quite nicely with half of it folded down, or even individual levels, so we can hang out our swimming towels without anything dragging on the ground or overlapping.


That object that appears to be drying on it is actually Eric's sweater. The thing is big enough for his sweater to lay (mostly) flat! You can tell that the armpit sections are standing up, but both sleeves have enough room, and nothing is hanging over the edge!

While I have more to share from the past couple months, this is it for tonight. Happy camera!
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That blanket is SO beautiful. I wish I had been able to contribute- oh well- My love is in there somewhere!

Tell your Sweetie "hi" she is getting taller!
Clapotis! Great idea for that yarn. I didn't get the scale from the picture at first, you've made lots of progress on your clapotis already it looks like!
yay, the blanket looks great in your home.
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