Saturday, February 02, 2008


My dear friends, I have learned something sad about myself.

I am allergic to wet alpaca.

I found this out (confirmed, more like) this past Tuesday when I tried to wash and block Eric's sweater -- the beautiful cabled 100% alpaca sweater that I worked on for so long. Breathing became less pleasant soon after pulling it out of the water. By 6 hours later, my voice was hoarse and disappearing, breathing was beginning to hurt. When Eric moved the sweater outside, everything improved.

So, let's see... besides Eric's sweater, I just finished (minus the buttons) a Tomten for Sweetie (sorry, no pics because camera's on the blink) that's mostly wool, but does contain probably 25% alpaca. Oh, and then there's the lace that I've been working on for somewhere around 2 years now. That's totally alpaca. What's the point of knitting lace if you can't ever block the #&$# thing? And I was thinking of knitting another Clapotis out of the remaining yarn I had left from Eric's sweater. Guess not. :(

Still no problem with wool, though. :) Wet or dry. Some can be itchy, but that's true for lots of people.

On my needles: EZ's Tomten just came off, I've started on soakers out of Cascade 220, random extra yarn bits, and some Marr Haven (how is that spelled again?). Slippery socks in STR. Lace.

Well, you know that you have MY sympathies! Luckily cashmere is a nice substitution for alpaca ;)

How's the baby blanket coming? Sending a sweet tummy rub through the internets!!!
oh no! That is no bueno! I'm sure you can get someone to block the shawl though -- send it to me, I'll do it! Of course, sending it back would probably mean it needs to be re-blocked. Hmmm.

Marr Haven!
Oh dear! So if you want to use alpaca, enjoy knitting it, then have someone else block it for you. Then, gift it, with blocking instructions. Or, knit stuff that will only be washed rarely...
Wow, it sounds like your reaction to alpaca is worse than mine to wool! I'm sure someone at BobaKnit would be willing to block it for you. I don't have a problem working with alpaca, just knitting it, so I might be able to take it on for you, if I can figure out a safe place to block a large piece of lace in my house. :)

Sorry though, being allergic is a bummer. I do wonder if it's something that was on the yarn that is only just being washed off. Hmm.
hmmm... I dunno... sounds like an elaborate scheme to get your knitting friends to block your projects for you ;)

Seriously though... On the bright side, at least you're only allergic to it when it's wet!
uh oh. I found that I was allergic to some vendors at Stitches because they had cats :(
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