Saturday, February 02, 2008

(responding to Urrrg! comments)

Cindy: the baby blanket is all done. The best pic that I have of it is on Ravelry, but the camera stopped working just before I finished it.

Abigail: Someone at Purlescence mentioned that it might just be the chemicals used in manufacturing too... hard to tell because all the alpaca that I've knit so far has been from KnitPicks. I had had a minor reaction when I blocked the alpaca scarves that I gave as gifts for Christmas, and I became suspicious when I reacted after washing Sweetie's doll's clothes (knit from leftover alpaca), but Eric's sweater just confirmed it. I could try washing the doll clothes again, but after this last one I'm not sure I want to. Maybe I'll give it a shot in a couple months. :) Oh, and once the clothes dried, I stopped having the reaction again.

Thanks for the support, y'all! I think I'll keep plugging away on the lace after all, though I think I'll be destashing the rest of my alpaca. More room in the jars!

Urrg is right! What a bummer.

I might have some non-alpaca-infused yarns to trade ya if you decide you are going to destash it. Though it could be the chemicals. If you ever feel up to taking the risk, I have some unprocessed alpaca from my friend in VT who raises them. I'd be happy to give you a little puff of roving to wet down and see if unprocessed is any better for you!
The reaction only when wet is what made me think it was something on the yarn rather than the fiber itself. I agree, though, I wouldn't want to mess with it right now either.

I also wonder how many times you'd have to wash the fiber to get rid of said chemicals. That seems like something that is annoying to have to figure out by trial and error.
Oh that is terrible! Definitely not the time to be experimental with the sensitivity testing. But worst case, you have a bunch of knitters who love you and I am sure one of us would be happy to help you out with blocking your lovely shawl when you finish it!!
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