Thursday, November 01, 2007

My first adult sweater

The Front

The Back

The Sleeve (in a fun pose, of course)

Happy man! Very, very warm man.

Pattern: Jack's Aran Sweater
Book: Men in Knits
Yarn: Knit Picks Decadence (bulky alpaca)
Needles: mostly 9s
Size: Small
Modifications: by request, I left all the rolled edging off -- at the bottom, around the neck, and on the sleeves.
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Wow! Very nice. And it looks so comfortable.
Oh that looks fantastic on him! Well done. Congrats on finishing! :)
Looks perfect!
Niiice! That's the type of sweater my Hubby would like, too. Love Sweetie's purple pig, too! Tell her she's my favorite kind of pig!
Very very nice. It is a great pattern. I am working (well it is on the needles anyway) on the cardigan version for my dh. Sigh- I should pull it out and finish it or something. It looks very nice on him!
Hey, it's the perfect fit! It looks great!
Yay, you finished! It looks great!! =)
Nice job! It looks great on him - perfect fit.
Nice sweater - I like it!
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