Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I decided tonight (rather abruptly) that it was time to announce (however belatedly) that I'm pregnant. I keep being surprised that some folks don't know yet.

And it's a girl.

I'm about halfway through the pregnancy, which is a little scary because I'm already halfway through the time I told myself that I had to get used to the idea of having a second small person running around my life. I know that, once I meet her, I'll be totally happy about it (falling in love can do that to a person), but for the moment, I'm a bit nervous. Which is an improvement from scared-out-of-my-gourd, which is how I started.

So Little'un (as I seem to be calling her at the moment) will be the recipient of my latest large project:

Name: Smooshy (because it is)
Pattern: To The Point
Source: Vogue On The Go: Baby Blankets Two
Yarn: Knit Picks Swish
I've just about doubled the size from the original pattern, because it really ought to be about the same size as Sweetie's baby blanket. For her part, Sweetie helpfully reminds me just about every week that "fringe is better than scales" (her blanket has fringe, while this one has those lovely colorful scales).

Happy day.

"fringe is better than scales"

Ah- the sweet sounds of sibling rivalry! Sweetie will be a sweetie of a big sister I am sure. congrats to all of you!!!!!!!!!!
Oh my! Congratulations!

I wonder how long it's going to take Sweetie to teach her little sister to do her 'queen's' wave?
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