Thursday, August 23, 2007

Quick update

On the knitting front...

Small project: After a brief stint of hat knitting for Eric (Coronet, in something Rowan tweedy) and running out of yarn (must wait until October to buy more yarn to finish it), I'm back to knitting socks for Sweetie. It's not what I really want to be knitting, but they're easy to carry around and knit on the move.

Lace project: I've probably knit another 5 rows since my last update about the shawl. That's a good 5-6 hours of work, depending on how focused I was (I admit that I do tend to knit that -- successfully! -- at BobaKnit). But it is growing!

Large project: !!! I finally finished a sleeve, and it fits beautifully!!! This is a rather big deal, since I had once before almost finished the sleeve, but had to frog the whole sweater, and then after reknitting the sweater, I had almost finished the sleeve again, but Eric decided that it (just the sleeve, not the whole sweater) was too tight, so I frogged a good bit of it, and now it's done! One sleeve and a neck to go!

Good night!

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