Friday, July 13, 2007

Current projects

Socks for Sweetie... this is one of those nice, fun projects that is easy to do. I didn't even have a full ball of yarn (having made socks for her in a smaller size previously), but I'm just knitting socks until the ball is gone. Shockingly, these long, skinny socks fit her feet perfectly, though I doubt they'll last 'til she's eight (they're a 4-8 year size). In the picture they look like they're all different sizes, but rest assured, they're all the same size.

"Feathers & Fan" from A Gathering of Lace in Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud. I'm doing ok on it, though I haven't worked on it for a while. I have a long, long way to go, but did start the second ball (out of something like 6).

"Jack's Aran Pullover" from Men in Knits, Knit Picks Decadence. This is my second time though this part of the sweater, having frogged the whole thing more than a year ago due to size issues. More recently, I frogged a good chunk of the sleeve because Eric deemed it too tight in the forearm.

On the rest-of-my-life front, things are coming together. I feel like the housework is finally coming under control, I'm knitting more, I've finally started working on our wedding scrapbook again, and I'm working on all that fabulous faith-stuff again. (Whoa, I sound like a weird midwestern-Christian-SAHM there... funny, I don't feel like one, though the description fits me fairly well, except that it's lacking any green hair or Californian-liberal-treehugger-granola implications.) I have to say that Sweetie and I have been at odds at times this week, but that was much better today. Life is good! Knit on!

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So glad you are posting ... helps me keep in touch. Hugs to the girl for me.
I love the socks, they are so cute all together like that. Keep on cranking! :)

It is amusing me that you were knitting that sweater in the summer. I think I would be picking the lace instead of the sweater now (especially with how hot Boba was on Thursday night, ugh).
I recognize the socks -- this is definitely the Anabel from bobaknit. Can you drop me an email (name lisa, domain so that I can invite you to my place, crafting, Tuesday night?
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