Saturday, March 17, 2007

Is it too much?

Is it too much to keep a life blog separate from a knitting blog? I'm one of those people who creates blogs like they're water (?). But maybe I need to merge my lives... it's not as though I'm living my life without thinking about knitting anyway.

Today was fun. After a delightful breakfast at Dana Street (coffee and pastry, yum) and reading about the ins and outs of the housing situation in Mountain View, Eric and I gave blood (that's always fun) and then spent the next several hours trying to cook enough to satisfy our ravenous blood-replacement appetites. Pad Thai tastes good. Mmmmm. And then I worked on the socks while we had FMN (Family Movie Night) and watched The Cat Returns. I'll be knitting more tonight still.

I'm very much looking forward to knitting tomorrow. And I think I may be knitting on Monday night too?

Oh oh and I made a new friend on Friday. Well, "friend" might be too much, but she knits, so it's like she's on a different plane than just an acquaintance. I met a new knitter. How about that. She's a lace knitter and has been knitting at the local library. I found her blog on Thursday night (looking for "asian knitting -manufacturer -industry") after that whole yarn-store-thing I had going on and she mentioned (in her blog) that she knits at the library, and then when Sweetie and I were there for our Friday afternoon run, we popped by and met her. I think she was a little suprised that her online world and her RL met. But the library is a good place for that.


The things you find when you vanity-google ;).

But yes, hopefully I will be at BobaKnit on Sunday, and it was very awesome meeting you!
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